What people say

“Angela is extremely intuitive about mind, body and spirit. Listen to what she tells you after your treatment and act on it . Go in feeling tense or hurting and come out glowing inside and out.”

Natasha Clarkson. Stafordshire

“I consulted Angela about a problem I’d tolerated for years and on which I’d spent a significant amount of money.

Within a week of following her advice, I had considerable improvement. That sounds like “magic” or too good to be true.

But why it worked so well is because Angela gave practical advice – things I could do or change – to help myself. She had not given a list of supplements to buy, which was kind of what I expected!

She had paid detailed attention to my diet and living style and based her recommendations on that.

Angela’s consultations are full of laughs and smiles. She illustrates her advice with stories,  drawings, anecdotes – which all helps you to remember what she said.

I’ve been given the knowledge, printed materials and recommendations to ensure that my improvement is permanent.

Thanks, Angela, for all your consideration.”

Marion Gilchrist. North Ayreshire.

I have been seeing Angela for over 5 years now and during that time had various therapies from her. Mostly Reiki but I’ve had massage, crystal therapy and currently reflexology. I look forward to my sessions with Angela and always come away feeling brighter and energised. Angela has become a life long friend and supported me most recently during my mums ill health and passing. Everyone should have an Angie in their life.

Claire Thompson. Middleton.